Monday, November 11, 2013

Nailing that Interview

It usually takes me five minutes and two questions to know how an interview will likely turn out.
You need to go in with a confident mind set. Make sure you do research on what your will be interviewing for. Whether it is an phone interview or an in-person interview you have that first impression to nail it!.

Here's what you need when you go in:

  • Smile: Key - Personally, being bubbly helps all the time ladies
  • Agenda : Must have an agenda of questions & background of company
  • Availability: They want to know you have time for them & you can give it your all
  • Confidence: Being shy will not help you be outspoken, say what you believe. Don't doubt yourself
  • Time Management: Learning to juggle so many tasks at one, you need to know what is priorities
  • Organization: 
  • Humor: Doing business, while having fun & still getting the job done.
Experience is everything in PR world. Many companies are willing to hire newbies to go into their business so they can teach them slowly, but many want those with experiences. Try to get as many internships as you can, especially while you are in school. Utilize the credits and back ground experience in classes or work (if any).

Best of Luck!

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